Thursday, July 7, 2011

V. Paper Towel Roll Crafts

So, let me show some crafts that "roll" into some great inspiration. dum bum. Uhh, so anyway, paper towel rolls are a form of paper and the things I found are phenomenal!

I have stumbled upon this a long time ago and it has resurrected back into my life and it still leaves me astonished. It's absolutely gorgeous and the installation is remarkably breath-taking! Thank you, Yuken Teruya, for your die-cutting skills.

These are absolutely lovely things to do for kids and I really enjoy the patterns of the uneven wings. All are beautiful ways to design one!

Paper Towel Sculptures
Can you believe these are made out of paper towel rolls?! I love how each has character and personality.

Mini Rolls
A unique way to do some paper pop art. It's just breath-taking and I love all things miniature. It's just something that unnoticed people appreciate more (like me.)

Welp, that's all I have for now. I hope I left you inspired to find paper rolls and turn them into something lovely.

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