Wednesday, July 6, 2011

III. I have the best job.

Lately I've been sad because I was thinking about how I kind of wish I was working for a design firm or a corporate company in their design department just to build up my resume and experience. Then, I realized it's not as bad as I thought for having a job as a craft specialist for the summer. I'm blessed I have a job, good pay, majority of kids I meet teach me more than I'll ever know, they give me a budget for the crafts, a great crafty team, a room for me and the craft ladies, and we (will) have potluck every Friday.

Second Week for Holiday Hoopla (on Wednesday) Crafty Crew decided to celebrate Thanksgiving because one of our Unit Leaders were leaving so we decided to have a potluck. I'm thankful for the people who contributed bringing food!
(Left to Right: Julie as Luigi, Judi as Toadette, Giselle as Toad and me as Mario)
On Wednesday, the entire Y celebrated Halloween and we decided to dress up as Mario characters!

That's all I have so far but I will definitely update you guys about what we do and what is in store for crafts this summer! Hopefully I can give you guys some tutorials and DIY projects to make this blog more interesting for you.

P.S. We get paid to do crafts and dress up! :o I guess this is a good job before I go into the real world.

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